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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Sci-Fleet Motors Pty Ltd is committed to environmental sensitivity in our business activities of selling, servicing and supply of replacement parts for vehicles and trucks.

We will integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and operations to prevent pollution, minimise other negative impacts, and generate positive outcomes where possible. As evidence of this commitment, we will:

Develop and implement an EMS (environmental management system) based on the ISO 14001 international standard

  • Meet our legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Measure various aspects of our environmental performance, and seek to continuously improve our outcomes
  • Set objectives for environmental performance improvement and assign responsibility to the relevant managers to deliver the required outcomes
  • Provide employees with awareness and training to help them make environmentally sound decisions
  • Communicate information regarding our EMS and performance to customers, employees, suppliers and other interested parties

This policy and our EMS will be regularly reviewed by senior management to ensure continued effectiveness and improvement.