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Toyota and New Scientist Offer Insights into Hydrogen Future

Posted: 21/08/2018

Toyota will outline its future vision for hydrogen-powered mobility at a global "Exploring the Future" webinar hosted by New Scientist magazine on August 23.

Toyota Australia engineer and manager of advanced technical vehicles Matt MacLeod, is one of four experts invited by the prestigious publication to participate in a panel discussion on some of the technologies that are set to change the way we live by 2030.

Artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy and data mining and privacy will all have a significant impact on the world we live in.

Mr MacLeod leads Toyota Australia's hydrogen fuel cell activities with a view to further integration of the technology into the company's electric mobility products for the future.

Hydrogen offers significant potential as an alternative source of energy with hydrogen fuel cells able to generate electricity to power cars, buses, trucks, trains, and forklifts with the only by-product being water vapour.

"Hydrogen has the potential to truly be a game-changer for our economy and society as a whole, through fuel cells for mobility and power and as a method of energy storage.

There are still plenty of challenges, especially in terms of refuelling infrastructure, but Toyota sees a future where battery and fuel cell powered electric vehicles are sold as complementary technologies," Mr MacLeod said.

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